Bottle OEM color toner powder for OKI MC362DN MC531 MC531DN MC551 MC551DN MC561 MC561DN MC562DN MC562DNW MC562NDW MC352 MC362DN


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bottle OEM color toner powder for OKI MC362DN MC531 MC531DN MC551 MC551DN MC561 MC561DN MC562DN MC562DNW MC562NDW MC352 MC362DN

1.pinter: FOR Okidata C330/C330dn/C331/C331dn/C530/C530dn/C531/C531dn/MC361/MC362/MC362w/MC561/MC562/MC562w/MC890/MC950/C310DN/C510/C510DN/C511DN/MC312/MC351/MC351DN/MC361DN/MC362DN/MC531/MC531DN/MC551/MC551DN/MC561/MC561DN/MC562DN/MC562DNW/MC562NDW/MC352/MC352DN/MC362DN/MC561DN/MC562W/C300/C310n/MC361MFP/MC362w MFP/MC562w MFP/MC351MFP/C352MFP/MC362MFP/MC561MFP/MC562MFP powder toner powders

2.cartridge:new toner powders for OKIdata 44469818/44469757/44469756/44469755/44469803/44469706/44469705/44469704/44469801/44469703/4469702/44469701/44469804/44469724/44469723/44469722/44973508/44469724/44469723/44469722/44469809/44469716/44469715/44469714/44469801/44469703/44469702/44469701/44469806/44469804/44469810/44469802/44469727/44469724/44469754/44469721/44469726/44469723/44469753/44469720/44469725/44469722/44469752/44469719 powder

3.yield: BK-3500/2000/5000/7000 CMY-3000/2000/5000 pages with 5% coverage by A4 paper

4.color: Black/Cyan/magenta/yellow powders for compatible new toner cartridge

5.NPC wechat/whatsapp/mobile:0086-13576261899 is for reference


8.Packing:BK-95grams/bottle CMY-60Grams/bottle(neautral packing /customized packing)

Product informatio Chip model Printer model Area Cartridge number Color Yield NPC-310 for OKI C310/C330/C331/MC351/MC352/MC361/MC362/510/511/530/531/561/562 EUR/US/JP 44469818 BLACK 2K 44469757 CYAN 2K 44469756 MAGENTA 2K 44469755 YELLOW 2K 44469803 BLACK 3.5K 44469706 CYAN 2K 44469705 MAGENTA 2K 44469704 YELLOW 2K 44469801 BLACK 3.5K 44469703 CYAN 3K 44469702 MAGENTA 3K 44469701 YELLOW 3K 44469804 BLACK 5k 44469724 CYAN 5k 44469723 MAGENTA 5k 44469722 YELLOW 5k 44973508 BLACK 7K 44469724 CYAN 5K 44469723 MAGENTA 5K 44469722 YELLOW 5K

Printer Model Cartridge No Yield for OKI C310DN/C330DN/C510DN/C530DN/MC361 K 44469818 2K C 44469757 2K M 44469756 2K Y 44469755 2K for OKI C310DN/C330DN/510DN/530DN/MC351DN/MC361DN/MC561/CC362DN/C331DN K 44469803/44469809 3.5K C 44469706/44469716 2K M 44469705/44469715 2K Y 44469704/44469714 2K for OKI MC362dn/MC531dn/MC551dn/MC312dn 3.5K 3K 3K 3K for OKI C310DN/C330DN/510DN/530DN/MC351DN/MC361DN/MC561 K 44469801 3.5K C 44469703 3K M 44469702 3K Y 44469701 3K for OKI C310DN/C330DN/510DN/530DN/MC351DN/MC361DN/MC561 K 44469806/44469804/44469810/44469802 5K C 44469727/44469724/44469754/44469721 5K M 44469726/44469723/44469753/44469720 5K Y 44469725/44469722/44469752/44469719 5K Basic Information

Fuser Firmness ≥90% Quality

1.5 star

2.Delivery with testing page.

3.We guarantee the good quality, and agree 1: 1 replace for the defective goods testing Through strict test and QC before delivery; Toner Used/Page (g/page) 0.03-0.035 Blackness 1.6. (OEM 1.4) printing performance

1.Even granule, good fluidity, high ratio of transfer

2.Vivid color, clear image, excellent printing effect; Background Product range 15 brands, 2000 style goods Temperature (-20°C/-4°F to 40°C/104°F) Package

A:Bottle(weight:70g/Bottle;According to the OEM standard or the requirement of client)

B:Aluminium foil bag (1/5/10KGs for one bag)

Neutral Packing:

1)Plastic bag for toner powder(bulk packing-10kg per bag and 2bags each carton)

2)Aluminum foil bag and bottle for toner powder in different size

Regarding bottles,we can design according to customer's requirement,such as shape and color.

3)paper cartons and fiber drums as outer packing Appearance Black micro-powder, without any agglomeration Charged quantity 6 - 30uc/g Toner Consumption 0.03g-0.04g @5% Water content Image density (Blackness) >1.4 Resolution (600dpi) >4 Raw Material Import from Japan

Import from South Korea

Import from Germany

Import from U.S.A Certification ISO9001:2008, SGS,MSDS,ISO14001

Warranty Two years Granule diamerter 7-10μm Black Density 1.40-1.50 Fusing >95% Waster powder rate Page yield

25-30/gram Dirty rate Level >4 Product picture To change the chip like below:

Powder Packing

Printing Testing PK About NPC

Contact NPC

NPC Certifications ISO9001 Certificate

ISO14001 Certificate

NPC fair/exhibition/expo Certifications for 2012 business-inform in Russia and

2012 Recharge-East EXPO in Indonesia:

NPC Registration Certifications with Chinese customs and government for export right and export enterprise identification number :

NPC general TAX registrationi certification front page and back side:

NPC TAX registrationi certification :

NPC organation code certificatoin by Chinese government:

NPC Business Licence:

NPC Production LIne

NPC Warehouse

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How to order

How to order :

1.How to order by ESCROW from our online shop by or on alibaba:

2.How to order from our staffs:

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Žymos:Tonerių Milteliai, Spalvos Dažų Miltelių, Spalvos Dažų, Pigūs Tonerių Milteliai, Aukštos Kokybės Spalvos Dažų Miltelių, Kinijos Spalvos Dažų Tiekėjų.

Pakuotės Svoris 0.2kg (0.44lb.)
Pakuotės Dydis 15cm x 15cm x 15cm (5.91in x 5.91in x 5.91in)
Įrenginio Tipas gabalas
spalva C, M, Y, BK
Suderinamos Prekės OKI
Tipas tonerių milteliai
funkcija spausdintuvas/kopijuoklis/kopijavimo aparatu butelis OEM spalvos dažų milteliai OKI MC362DN MC531 MC531DN MC551
Spausdintuvas/Kopijuoklis/MFP compatiblity Modelis už OKI C310/C510/C330/C530/MC351/MC361/MC561/MC562DNW/MC562NDW/MC352
Prekės Pavadinimas INTERFIT
produkto tipas Spausdintuvas/Kopijuoklis/MFP Reitingas tonerio milteliai ,suderinama tonerio milteliai,pildymas tonerių milteliai
Spalvos Taip
NPC Sertifikavimo ISO9001/ISO 14001/UAS/CNAS/MSDS/CO/CE/SGS/CQC
puslapių išeiga/puslapio talpa BK-3.5 k/2k/5k/7k CMY-3k/2k/5k (25-30pages/g) 5% padengimo rodiklis
Funkcija Suderinamas
Tonerio kasetė modelis /tonerio OEM kodas 1 už OKI 44469803/44469804/44469805/44469806/44469801/
Modelio Numeris už OKI C310/C510/C330/C530/MC351/MC361/MC561/MC562DNW/MC562NDW/MC352
spalva/spalvos Juodas/Cyan/Magenta/Yellow milteliai suderinama naujos tonerio kasetės
tonerio apkrovos ir pakavimo NPC BK-95grams/butelis CMY-60Grams/butelis(neautral /vartotojo pakavimas)
spausdintuvas/Kopijuoklis/MFP/kopijavimo aparatu modelis už OKI C310/C510/C330/C530/MC351/MC361/MC561/MC562DNW/MC562NDW/MC352
Taikoma Įranga Lazerinis Spausdintuvas
spausdintuvas/kopijuoklis/MFP susijusių pramonės MC551DN MC561 MC561DN MC562DN MC562DNW MC562NDW MC352 MC362DN

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Bottle OEM color toner powder for OKI MC362DN MC531 MC531DN MC551 MC551DN MC561 MC561DN MC562DN MC562DNW MC562NDW MC352 MC362DN

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